Phone call to car seller… dude is a real dick

July 29, 2009

I was looking for a car to buy and i stumbled upon which is actually almost the exact car i need so i thought i’d call and record the call. Note that the seller specified a couple of things:


This is a GOOD PRICE!!
**DO NOT offer me LESS – I WILL HANG UP on you !!
***The PRICE goes UP $100.00 EVERY TIME you OFFER ME LESS !!


Call me at (310) 497-1842
*This is AMERICA – Land of the FREE & Home of the BRAVE !!
***I only speak ENGLISH**

Here is the first call:

And he calls me back:

Now call me crazy but this dude has got to be the most rude and angry person i’ve ever met. I thought it would be funny to post it online.

His phone number is (310) 497-1842 if you are interested in the car 🙂

December 29, 2006

Welcome to’s blog.

I think i should start by clearing up that this site is absolutely not against google or any of it’s activities.

Recently I have been thinking of a way to help out the online community. And although I did come up with many great ideas you probably wouldn’t be too surprised if i told you that every single one of them was already achieved… and not only that but in a very great manner. So basically i didn’t think that what any of my fellow website creators have done so far has left any room for another website that will be able to offer the community more needed updates.

Struggling upon a project i found out about a website my brother wants to make a project. The website name did sound weirdly catchy, i mean at first i thought it was another one of my brothers “great ideas” but it didn’t sound half bad. So i first designed a simple logo, nothing amazing but i wanted to keep it simple.

So by now you are probably wondering “Why am i reading this?” and so i want to go into some details.

Me and my brother are starting a website ( which will offer anything that users suggest and is approved by our staff.

How we came up with this:
We started thinking about things we could offer. Local Dating Service… maybe something that let people know about events happening. Or even something like yahoo that offers a complete list of services that the everyday web surfer like you needs. And since we did not come up with much, we are now asking if anyone would like to contribute a idea. And then me a awarded designer, and my brother a studying coder, will make your idea come true (after approved by staff).

Here is the best part, we are open to putting more than one idea on the site!!! So if you thought that someone has already suggested an amazing idea, and you can’t possibly think of anything better… you are most likely wrong. Here at we really don’t think any idea is unworthy.